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      Men's Brief Underwear

      Introducing Calvin Klein Underwear, a trailblazer in the industry since 1982, continuously leading the way in creating iconic men's undergarments that prioritize both comfort and sensuality. Our exclusive collection showcases the finest men's briefs, exuding allure while ensuring unrivaled comfort throughout the day. Popularly known as jockey shorts, our men's underwear briefs offer unparalleled support and ease of wear. The snug fit ensures ample support, while the jockey-style length prevents fabric bunching and uncomfortable ride-up.

      The Calvin Klein Brand is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our briefs feature stretchable waistbands and fabrics, ensuring a form-fitting experience that eliminates bunching and riding up during wear. Thoughtfully designed with natural creases and openings, they deliver exceptional comfort, even during extended periods of sitting. Ideal for pairing with skinny jeans or low-rise pants, our briefs sit comfortably on the waist and are available in classic white, understated grey, sleek black, and an array of vibrant colors. With a wide range of cuts and fits, they perfectly complement your choice of men's pants or jeans.

      To provide utmost convenience, we offer underwear packs of men's briefs, allowing you to stock up on comfort for work, leisurely active days, or when sporting tighter-fit pants. Elevate your underwear game with Calvin Klein Underwear Men and indulge in the perfect blend of style and comfort. It's no wonder discerning men worldwide prefer us. Explore our selection now at Calvin Klein Retail Shops and embrace the luxury of Calvin Klein Men's Boxers and Men's Underwear Briefs.